The History of the WCICC

The Year was 1987; Rev. Dr. John Lupoli was serving as the International Youth Director for the International Council of Christian Churches. In addition, Dr. Lupoli served as the Youth Director and Head of the Bible Department for Faith Christian School of the Bible Presbyterian Church in Collingswood New Jersey under the direction of Rev. Dr. Carl McIntire.

Rev. Dr. Carl McIntire (1906-2002)

During a time of supervision and training directly under Dr. McIntire; Dr. Lupoli became involved in the international mission affairs of the Bible Presbyterian Church and the International Council of Christian Churches.

On July 19, 1873, seven men, C.S. Pearce, Theo DeBon, A.G. Cattell Jr., R.B. Lewallen, William Maines, John S. Wilson, and Eli Maines incorporated the Union Sabbath School Association of the Methodist Episcopal Church in New Jersey. John S. Wilson and his wife provided the land to build the New Church and School.

These men had the wisdom to set aside the land and a church / school for the purpose of preaching the gospel and teaching the Word.

From the deed” for the purpose of erecting upon the said lot …suitable building or buildings in which Sabbath Schools, Religious Meetings for the promotion of literature and Science lectures….”

Over the years the church’s name has evolved several times. At the time of the founding of the World Council of Independent Christian Churches the church was named Lenola Bible Church. Rev. Dr. John Lupoli was the pastor of this church.

It would be from this church that the World Council of Independent Christian Churches and its Seminary, Mount Sinai International Seminary will continue in a long line of doctrinal purity and Educational excellence in training men and women to serve the Lord.

The Thirteenth World Congress Meeting of the International Council of Christian Churches was held on August 8-17, 1990 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. During this meeting Dr. Lupoli was introduced to Rev. Dr. Edward Thomas Chikumba of Wa La La Mission in Namadzi Malawi. Dr. Chikumba was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Council of Christian Churches.

Several months after the World Congress, Dr. Lupoli received a phone call from Dr. Chikumba requesting assistance for his village as Malawi was experiencing a severe drought and the people of Malawi were dying. Dr. Lupoli brought this need to the attention of Dr. McIntire and the congregation at Lenola Bible Church where he was the pastor.

A mission’s trip to Malawi Central Africa, was born and financed by the members of Lenola Bible Church in New Jersey.

It was during this trip that Dr. Lupoli, Dr. Chikumba and other members of the mission team began the discussions on what would become the World Council of Independent Christian Churches.

The name was coined by the first Elder of the WCICC, Rev. Dr. Edward Thomas Chikumba. Rev. Chikumba was the chief Elder of Wa La La Mission in Namadzi, Malawi. Today only one of the original Elders remain Rev. Dr. John Lupoli.

The World Council of Independent Christian Churches was born out of a need for mutual fellowship, support and doctrinal purity.

In the world today; many churches have been forced to become independent because of the latest trends of liberalism, loose morality and compromise with the Word of God by many mainline denominations. There was and is a need and a means of fellowship, inter-communion, mutual ecclesiastical collaboration, training and, support for independent congregations and clergy. We provide a wide variety of programs and services to the body of Christ.

The World Council of Independent Christian Churches was born and was incorporated on March 24, 1993

The World Council of Independent Christian Churches provides a wide variety of programs and services to the body of Christ.

In July 1994 the World Council of Independent Christian Churches became a US Federally Approved Tax Exempt Religious Organization.

The WCICC is a recognized ecclesiastical endorsing agent by the U.S. Department of Defense, US Department of Justice and the US Veterans Administration.

The WCICC was approved in 1996 and is an accredited NGO (Non Governmental Organization). The WCICC is accredited by the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council and has been granted Consultative Status in Category II.

The WCICC was approved in 1996 and is an accredited NGO (Non Governmental Organization) registered with the Department of Public Information and is responsible for the dissemination of information.

With international recognition the WCICC has been greatly instrumental in ensuring the safety of member churches in many nations. We offer a powerful network to our members for mutual needs and common concerns.

The WCICC is the true reflection of the diversity of the body of Christ

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What people are saying about us...

From: Islamic Republic of Pakistan
God's calling from II Corinthians is true and it is not only for America but whole world where Christians are lacking in faith and away from acts (actions) according to the Word of God. The people of Neneva were repented and were saved along with their king. May God bless WCICC! I feel proud to be member of this God's called ministry. May God bless our dearest brother John Lupoli in Christ's blood!

Bishop W J G
The United Holiness Church in Pakistan

From USA
Praise God for your work!

Library – UNC United States of America

From USA
Its my heartfelt prayer for you that this new year will bring to you fulfillment, discoveries and opportunities that will enhance your greatness and impact. May goodness and favor from God and with man never cease. May 2007 be a landmark year in your life. All my love and regards.

Pastor E O United States of America

From India
I great you in the wonderful name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for your kind letter. I read your letter repeatedly. Every time I read it, there was a great encouragement. Please continue to encourage me. I will surely follow your instructions. Because I believe that the Holy Spirit has inspired you to council this in experienced young man to walk preciously in the right path. I really thank and praise God that He has brought you my way to bless me and encourage me to do His work.

Pastor E G - India

From Nigeria
I want to thank you for your response and to appreciate all that The Lord
has used you to pioneer. I look forward to participating again the work of
WCICC. God Bless

Rev. E O

From Ghana
I am most touched by your words of inspiration and encouragement. Indeed, the expression you use for bamboo and a rising blessing is very significant. I work for an organization that promotes the research and development of bamboo and rattan and I am very familiar with economic and social, as well as spiritual benefits that one can gain from bamboo.

I wish you all the Lords bless and peace to the world

MK – Ghana

From Pakistan
Greetings in the name of the Almighty and precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you, for your e – mail it is source of blessing for us. May God Almighty give you long life, blessing and give you opportunity to visit Pakistan and preach the Gospel among us.

Pastor Q B - Pakistan

From Poland
This is the second letter I have written you today. The first was lost to cyberspace. In it I gave a brief summary of my Christian experience from Baptism to Consecration in The Paracletian Catholic Church, an exceptionally small body of the faithful. I plan to send a copy of this letter to the man who consecrated me on Easter Sunday of 1989, letting him know I am now on your mailing list. I am particularly interested in the 'conservative' position of the WCICC. My position is very ecumenical, and I serve most often in Cursillo, Kairos, Charis, and Emmaus as a clergy member of teams that bring Christ's Love to God's children.

I am now 82 years old, in fair health, and continuing to serve our Master. May HE bless your life and work!

BM – Poland

From Myanmar
Thank you for your warm welcome. May God bless your future ministry. I am a young pastor and working among un-reached people those living in slum area of Yangon city, Myanmar, Asia. I really need your prayer to be a fruitful in my ministry. This is my prayer that when Paul and his companion went down to Troas, they were begged by a man of Macedonia "come over to Macedonia". Like the people of Macedonia, the people of Myanmar have been hunger for the Word of God that would give them shalom (peace) where they are in the midst of deprivation.

Rev. S E H – Myanmar

From India
Thanks for your regular emails. I am very much thankful for your kind remembrance of me. We are sincerely remembering you, your beloved family and your ministry in our prayers. May the Lord JESUS CHRIST bless you with peace, prosperity and good health all the days of your life according to Exodus 23:25.
I once again thank you for your good self.
REV. DR. S B K _ India

From United States of America
Thank you for the great teaching. One of the officers in my unit is Jewish. I brought him to the Shavuot service here at Ft. Bragg; this article provides great info to dialogue with him about. - Chaplain V E – United States

From Pakistan
Greeting you in the Wonderful and mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is with great pleasure that I write this email to you. I am really inspired by your dedication according to the Word of God. I am thankful to the Lord for all the ministerial progress of the WCICC and what the WCICC is performing to establish the kingdom of our Lord.
I am really thankful for you and for the WCICC membership notification letter. The WCICC has accepted me with all privileges. I am thankful of your kind Consideration. Evangelist S R – Pakistan

From the United States of America
You are a great help! It is always a pleasure to work with you. I am glad that you have gotten your fax machine fixed. Per our telephone conversation, please send the endorsements for W and N to my fax: XXX-XXX-XXXX. I will be awaiting the good word for P. You are a blessing to the Army Chaplaincy...Thanks You!
Glory to God in the Highest, - Chaplain M – US ARMY

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