WCICC Human Rights Chaplaincy Program


America’s most conspicuous and revered human rights activist, Abraham Lincoln, based his life upon each person’s “inalienable endowment of God-given rights,” which motive also animates the World Council of Independent Christian Churches. Whether Moses, Mahatma Gandhi, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King or Simon Bolivar, many heroes of history championed that same noble philosophy.

W.C.I.C.C. stands in that liberating lineage. Every life resonates with pregnant (and pre-emptive) prerogatives of freedom.

We specialize in the most needful aspect of setting restrictive civilizations free: Apply techniques and tools for engendering wisdom, freedom and fulfillment to unlock the inhibited vision, stunted creativity and limited opportunities still pandemic in many sub-societies and peoples.

Great portions of our ruling populations are still afflicted with a endemic prejudice-attention deficit disorder, flagrantly ignoring human rights abuses. And because many honor-deprived individuals still deserve emancipation, our most direct, pragmatic and immediate divine destinations for all are:

Cultural kinship
Gender equality
Racial respect
Spiritual camaraderie
Global tolerance
Genetic dignity
Language equity
Bigotry reversal

We train genial activists projecting Jesus’ gentle romance of releasing humankind from unfair bondage. We support each person’s legal, physical, emotional, religious and intellectual rights by encouraging students, schools, groups, corporations and governments to unchain our brothers’ and sisters’ bonds. In short compass, we train you for a professional career … to Befriend, to Be Free, to Be Fair via Human Rights’ Life Leadership Enablement Education.

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