Code of Ethics for Clergy

of the
World Council of Independent Christian Churches


Preamble: Serving God as an ordained clergy person in the World Council of Independent Christian Churches is not a right but a privilege that requires certain responsibilities and standards of conduct.

  1. Clergy will ensure that their conduct at all times reflects the fact that they are in the service of Jesus Christ and His people (Gal 5:22-26) (Phil 4:8) (Phil 2:3-8).

  2. Clergy will not link the name of the World Council of Independent Christian Churches with any commercial enterprise, political parties, or other activities that may cause the WCICC to be held in disrepute.

  3. Clergy will not use their position for personal gain or to exploit those they serve. (1 Pet 5:2-4)

  4. Clergy will avoid acts of a sinful nature (Gal 5:19-21).

  5. Clergy will respectfully submit to the authority of the Board of Elders of the WCICC.

  6. Clergy will seek to grow through regular prayer and study (2 Tim 2:15) (Acts 6:4).

  7. Clergy will at all times seek the greatest good of those they serve. This includes referring people to appropriate professionals when the scope of a
    problem is beyond the professional competency of the clergy person.

  8. Clergy are to maintain the confidentiality of those they counsel and serve in accordance with scriptural principles and the laws of the jurisdiction in which the clergy person serves.

  9. Clergy are expected to faithfully honor their obligation to prayerfully and financially support the WCICC. (Matt 5:37)(Acts 5:3-4)

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