The World Council of Independent Christian Churches provides a legitimate source for Ordination from an independent worldwide ecclesial body.

The World Council of Independent Christian Churches requires a background check on all applicants and does not ordain people who are unqualified. These requirements will not be overlooked nor will we sell Ordination for a donation. Please do not ask.

The World Council of Independent Christian Churches will only ordain members of the WCICC. In addition to the requirement of membership the member must meet the requirements of the WCICC Ordination Council and pass an exam issued by the Council.

Please do not submit a request for Ordination if you are not a member of the World Council of Independent Christian Churches. To become a member of the WCICC click here.  WCICC Membership

Ordination is available to any person who can demonstrate to the WCICC Ordination Council that they are in fact, called of God to the Ministry of Jesus Christ and the Church. Gender and Education are NOT the primary concerns of the WCICC Council. It is far more important to demonstrate your call to ministry. The Candidate for Ordination must be willing to defend their call and or any questioned doctrinal stand they may have to the Council.

Ordination can not be purchased. The only cost associated with Ordination (other than the membership requirements) is a shared fee for your background
check. All WCICC Ordained Clergy are required to pass this background check. Approved candidates must pledge to minister according to the Word of God.
All approved candidates are required to live according to the Word of God and submit to the WCICC Code of Ethics.

The process of Ordination begins here, by sending a email request to:


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