WCICC Membership Benefits

All Christians whom are in agreement with our doctrinal statement are permitted to join the WCICC. *Note - If considering membership in the World Council of Independent Christian Churches PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS LISTED BELOW. We can only respond to applicants who follow the instructions listed here for membership within their country. Membership request submitted without following these instructions will not be honored.

There are many physical and spiritual benefits to membership in the World Council of Independent Christian Churches. A sample of benefits with WCICC membership is listed below. Benefits are not limited to this list. Benefits vary from country to country.


Internationally Recognized Ordination Credentials
Ecclesiastical Military Endorsement (USA)
Church Incorporation Assistance (USA)
Church / Charity Registration (International)
Continuing Theological Education
Church Supply Discounts
International Educational Conferences
Annual Pilgrimage to Israel, Jordon, Egypt Italy and Greece
International Mission Project Participation
International Youth Activities
International Human Rights / Christian Rights Projects
Christian Counseling Certifications
Tuition Discounts at WCICC affiliated schools
USA Military Chaplain Support Programs
Monthly Newsletter – Crosswinds
Church Planting Programs
Tax Qualifications with the Internal Revenue Service (USA)
State Qualification/Registrations (USA)
International Speakers Network
International Praise Worship Network
Pastors Support Network
Church Financial Network
Church/Ministry Website Design and Hosting
International Prayer Network

And many others are coming soon…..

Membership in the World Council of Independent Christian Churches is open to Professional Clergy, Laypersons, Ministries, Christian Schools, Bible Colleges, Seminaries or Para Church Groups. If you qualify in one of these categories; you are welcome to join the WCICC.

Basic Membership is based upon two requirements or commitments. You must agree to these two requirements or commitments.

1. The first requirement is that you are in agreement with our doctrinal statement, vision and ministry. (Information regarding our doctrine, vision and ministry are posted in the website you are now visiting; please take the time to read this information before you continue.

2. Second you must agree to support the World Council of Independent Christian Churches spiritually in prayer and financially.

Persons seeking Ecclesiastical Endorsement for Chaplaincy, Ordination, Pastorate or Certification from the WCICC must agree to a third requirement.

3. The third requirement is you must agree serve and minister in accord with the WCICC Clergy Code of Ethics. This is also posted on the website.

To join the World Council of Independent Christian Churches Click on the link below.

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