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Membership with the World Council of Independent Christian Churches is open to Professional Clergy Members, Laypersons, Ministry, Christian School, Bible College, Seminary or Para Church Group. If you are one of these you are welcome to join the WCICC. Membership is based upon two requirements. You must meet these two requirements. The first requirement is that you are in agreement with our doctrinal statement, vision and ministry. (Information regarding our doctrine, vision and ministry are posted on the website you are now visiting; please take the time to read this information. Second you must agree to support the World Council of Independent Christian Churches spiritually, in prayer and financially.

Persons seeking ecclesiastical endorsement, ordination or certification from the WCICC must agree to a third requirement. The third requirement is you must agree and minister in accord with the WCICC Clergy Code of Ethics. This is also posted on the website.

When joining the WCICC; yes there is a financial commitment from you to the WCICC. To become a member of the WCICC there is an annual renewable membership payment of $99.00, plus a continuing support pledge payment of $30.00 per month (About a dollar a day)to maintain your membership..

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When you complete the application you will be directed to the secure WCICC payment page. You can make a payment from any of the above countries using your JBC, Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover Card. We accept both Credit Cards and Debit Cards. You may also make payment via on line Check using your Checking or Savings Account. When asked enter your credit card, debit card or Checking or Savings banking information. Again this is a safe secure server and billing option with CCBill.

If you have any question about the above, send an email to the WCICC to memberships@wcicc.org .

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