WCICC Membership

To join the World Council of Independent Christian Churches please follow these directions.

  1. Prepare and send a letter of request for membership. In the letter tell the WCICC why you want to join the WCICC and what fellowship/ministry/service you can bring with you to this council.
  2. Send supporting documents regarding your fellowship/ministry/church proving the existence of your fellowship/ministry/church.
  3. Send a copy of your government registration and or tax exemption issued by your home government. (If required by your government)
  4. Send photographs of your fellowship/ministry/church and you being involved in ministry with your members.
  5. Send a copy of the letter issued by your government stating you have permission to send or receive funds from outside your country. (If required by your government)
  6. Prepare and send a letter of request addressed to ICR (International Christian Relief) requesting your membership fees be paid by the WCICC Mission Department
  7. Download the WCICC International Membership Application (PDF). You will need Adobe Reader to download this application. If you do not have Adobe Reader; "Click Here" to receive a free copy of Adobe Reader. After you download and print the application, follow the directions on the application.

Please mail all document by regular post – DO NOT SEND MAIL CERTIFIED OR REGISTERED and send all of the above items at once and in one envelope to;

1643 Savannah Highway
Suite B-194
Charleston, South Carolina 29407
United State of America

When all documents have been received by the World Council of Independent Christian Churches we will place you in contact with your National Director" Please allow several weeks for mail delivery. We will send you an email when we receive your documents.

If you have any question about the above, send and email to the WCICC to memberships@wcicc.org .

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